How to get there: by car

Cognac and Pineau des Charentes region

From Paris

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  • A10 Autoroute Acquitaine direction Bordeaux. Fast freeway (up to 130 km/hour on a dry day). A safe but boring toll road.

Take exit 34 at St. Jean d'Angely (412 km from Paris) or exit 35 at Saintes (439 km from Paris). Tolls are about FRF200

  • RN 10 Route Nationale direction Bordeaux to Angouleme.

A very busy (trucks and RVs), no tolls highway. Passes though many interesting towns and villages.

From Bordeaux
  • A10 Autoroute Acquitaine direction Paris.

Fast freeway (up to 130km/hour on a dry day). A safe but boring toll road.

Best exits to take are: exit 36 in Pons (88 km from Bordeaux), exit 35 at Saintes (108 km from Bordeaux) or exit 34 at St. Jean d'Angely (136 km from Bordeaux). Tolls are between FRF30 and 45.

From selected ports in Bretagne
  • St. Malo (about 420 km to Cognac). Take N137 to Saintes.
  • Roscoff (about 550 km to Cognac). Take D58 to Morlaix then N12 to Rennes and connect with N137 to Saintes.

Portions of these roads have tolls, lots of commercial traffic but you drive by many interesting places.

From Perigeaux/Dordogne area Depending where you exactly coming from, take D939 or N141 to Angouleme.
Selected other roads
  • From Loire Valley take D675/ D1/D8 direction Ruffec to Angouleme. Slow driving but passing by many historical places .
  • From Bordeaux take D669/D225/D145/D114. It is a pretty drive along the river Gironde direction Royan to Saintes.
From Angouleme
  • N141 direction Jarnac (28 km) and Cognac (44 km). In Jarnac, take D736 to Segonzac (12 km).
From Pons * D732 to Cognac (25 km).
From La Rochelle
  • RN 137 direction Saintes. Pleasant to drive but it can be busy during weekends in the summer. You may also try road D939 direction Angouleme to St. Jean d'Angely (60 km from La Rochelle) or to Matha (18 km from St. Jean D'Angely) and then on the road D121 direction Cognac.
From St. Jean d'Angely
  • N150 direction Saintes, In St. Hillaire de Villefranche take D731 direction Burie and Cognac.
  • D939 direction Angouleme to Rouillac. In Rouillac you can take D736 to Cognac.
From Saintes
  • RN 141 direction Cognac (26 km). Winding through the vineyards, this road is a pleasure to drive. You may want to follow the river Charente on the parallel road D24 into the city of Cognac. From Cognac take D24 to Segonzac (about 12 km).
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