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Famille Estève

Les Corbinauds 17520 Celles France

Phone: +33 (0)5 46 49 51 20 Fax: +33 (0)5 46 49 25 57 email:

Vieux Cognac

Vieux Pineau des Charentes

Petite Champagne

The Estate Cognacs are the fruit of meticulous work, care and attention, but the final reward is this exceptional nectar that I offer to trusted connoisseurs and all those who search for the ultimate in quality and authenticity for which our family is renowned.

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           estevenap.jpg (3459 bytes) Very Old Family Reserve (Napoleon)

A blend of aged Cognacs, distilled on the lees, aged in oak casks, with vanilla and floral notes, long and supple.

                estevexo.jpg (3183 bytes) Very Old Estate Cognac (XO)

A harmonious blend of old estate Cognacs, with a minimum age of thirty years. Elegant aromas with notes of dried fruit, a woody character, both delicate and well-balanced, exceptional length.

                  estevehorsdage.jpg (2782 bytes)             Ancestral Reserve       (Hors d'Age)

A blend composed of eaux-de-vie some of which may be half a century old. The nose is of a spicy character, the famous "rancio charentais" is very present, long in the mouth.

My family has been linked to the history of Cognac for over seven generations.  The entire family strives to maintain level of excellence, realizing every stage of production from the grape to a glass of Cognac or Pineau des Charentes on the estate.

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When the time is right, my son and I blend eaux-de-vie with different characteristics together to obtain and elegant and balanced Cognac with a complex and refined bouquet.
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Vieux Cognac Petite Champagne


Pineau des Charentes

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