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Jean-Luc Pasquet

Chez Ferchaud, Eraville, 16120 Châteauneuf, France

Phone: +33 (0)5 45 97 07 49

Fax: +33 (0)5 45 97 54 95


Vignoble en culture biologique, vendanges, totalement manuelles

Organic vineyard, our harvest is totally by hand

A story of Uncle Albert

Albert Brisson was our uncle. He kept a few barrels of his best Cognac to preserve tradition and to pass his heritage dating back to the end of the XIXth century and the years of 1930, 1940 and the 1950s.

Each night, Uncle Albert set in his comfortable armchair and watched television with his two nephews, Celine and Guillaume and tasted his Vieux Cognac. One day in October 1974, he had his last tasting.

It is in his honor and as a homage to him that we offer Très Vieux Cognac for your pleasure and the discovery of Uncle Albert impeccable taste.

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Almonds, spice, nuts, complex and a very classic rancio charentaise, well balanced and very long. Hint of  Folle Blanche eaux-de-vie.                  Tasting notes by M. Andrew

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